Cotton Rib Tank Assorted V4132 & V4205

Cotton Rib Tank Assorted V4132 & V4205

12 pieces per pack
Cotton Rib Tank Assorted V4132 & V4205

Scoop Neck Rib Tunic Tank
100% Cotton. 
Made in USA. 

Scoop Neck Racer Back Rib Tunic Tack
100% Cotton.
Made in USA.

Assorted Pack Includes
V4132 BLACK S/M 1piece
V4132 BLACK M/L  1piece
V4132 GREY S/M 1piece
V4132 GREY M/L  1piece
V4132 IVORY S/M 1piece
V4132 IVORY M/L  1piece
V4205 BLACK S/M 1piece
V4205 BLACK M/L  1piece
V4205 GREY S/M 1piece
V4205 GREY M/L  1piece
V4205 IVORY S/M 1piece
V4205 IVORY M/L  1piece

V4132 Assorted Pack Includes
V4132 BLACK  S/M 2pieces
V4132 BLACK  M/L  2pieces
V4132 GREY S/M 2pieces
V4132 GREY M/L  2pieces
V4132 IVORY S/M 2pieces
V4132 IVORY M/L  2pieces

V4205 Assorted Pack Includes
V4205 BLACK  S/M 2pieces
V4205 BLACK  M/L  2pieces
V4205 GREY S/M 2pieces
V4205 GREY M/L  2pieces
V4205 IVORY S/M 2pieces
V4205 IVORY M/L  2pieces

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